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100% Money Back Guarantee


Realize Spreadsheets Aren’t Ideal for Managing Trade, But Think You’re Too Small to Invest in a Trade Solution? We'll help with our 100% Money Back Guarantee

With a 100% money back guarantee, we’re confident that you’ll be satisfied after using our services. Based on a recent case study, having one system of truth enabled Adesso’s client, Once Upon a Farm, visibility, controls and significant savings that aided to their rapid business growth. Among their results were repays in unauthorized deductions, as well as the discovery of thousands of dollars in ‘double-dipping’.

We are therefore so confident we can help you identify opportunities to improve trade and deduction management to realize savings equivalent of 5 years of Adesso subscription within year-1 that if you don’t, we’ll refund your year-1 subscription fee with our 100% money back guarantee!

Would you like to know more about the proven & immediate ROI?



  1. To qualify, your company revenue is under $30M.
  2. You agree to follow the 4-step process & best practices.
  3. We work together proactively to maximize system usage & identify opportunities.
  4. If you do not gain enough opportunities to improve trade (as identified through Compass*) to pay for 5 years of subscription, we refund the year-1 subscription.

What is Compass?

CompassCompass is an Adesso service that offers clients ongoing in-depth analysis of their Flamingo system to assist in their understanding of how to enhance system usage, as well as identify opportunities for strategic improvement of trade performance, all with the objective of leveraging trade for strategic business growth.

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