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6 Reasons Flamingo Drives an Immediate ROI, Saves Sales Time & Helps You Relax


1. Complete Line of Sight & Accountability

You should know what you are spending on trade at every direct and indirect customer, like you do any other item on your P&L.

“The benefit of Flamingo is complete line of sight. Historically, we used a piece of paper or an Excel file and now it’s all in one place with line of sight and visibility that can hold people accountable to what their budgets are, and use a better business management style.”

Lou Fata, VP of Sales  Palmers

2. Makes Your Trade $ Work Harder for You

You need significant information over an extended period of time, in order to make more strategic decisions for trade planning – based on what works and what doesn’t work. (Download this eGuide by New Hope Network, “Every CPG’s Secret Weapon: Trade Promotion Strategy” for more information.)

3. It's Painless

Your setup is quick and easy; and training for your internal and broker team, as well as administration of Flamingo is taken care of.

Leverage Adesso’s trade expertise for your trade effectiveness!

“The setup and kickoff training got us up to speed quickly, with the Adesso team being deeply involved throughout the process. Next, their ongoing AdessoU training program is a valuable resource for our internal sales organization, financial group and broker team. Additionally, we are finding the System Administration service very effective; having their experts to help our team minimize administration duties, which allows us to focus on running our business. Adesso’s team is always prompt with their responses, they are proactive, on target, and willing to help. They do what is required to make us successful, and it is having an impact on our business.”

Steven Boyle, FP&A Analyst  Blue Marble Brands

(click to request case study)

4. Pays for Itself Immediately

You can save the equivalent of 6 years of subscription your first year by reducing deduction aging and securing repays of unauthorized deductions. (See this case study of how one client achieved this!)

5. Brokers Love It

Flamingo enables greater broker involvement, which saves admin time for your internal sales and finance team to spend building and analyzing your business.

“Our brokers enter deals, clear our deductions, do our repays, the check requests – – they do it all and we have no deductions over 90 days. My brokers tell me that Adesso is the most user friendly system they have in their office. We have brokers recommend Adesso to other clients that they have.” Karen Prophet, Promotions & Trade Spend Manager IdahoanFoods
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6. Convert Sales Time From Admin to Analysis of Trade

Ditch the spreadsheets and leverage a flexible Annual Planner so your sales team can reduce admin time and improve trade effectiveness. You may never need to enter a deal again!

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