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Adesso Clients Attend 1st Class Migration Meeting

Rolling Meadows, IL (November 20, 2015) – Through a productive 2-day work-session-based meeting with in-depth client-centered discussions, Adesso’s clients had the opportunity to become intimately familiar with the enhanced Adesso Flamingo TPM system. These work sessions presented enhancements to the systems, as well as unique trade management and trade marketing services, which, together, present the opportunity to explore Trade Promotion Effectiveness for each of their companies. 

At Adesso, TPM software is considered only part of the solution to trade spending challenges. Trade promotion effectiveness (TPE) is a journey requiring an integrated series of systems & services, starting with an easy-to-use, affordable & rapid setup Trade Promotion Management system. “That’s our Flamingo TPM system.” said Fred Schroeder, CEO & President of Adesso Solutions. “It is driven by our collective clients’ needs to address the complexity of trade spending. No more spreadsheets, and one complete product.” “And our journey is different.” he continued. “We take you beyond the software so you can effectively & more efficiently improve your Trade Management & Trade Marketing through our unique systems & services.”
Adesso introduced the islands that represent a logical journey of relaxing visuals through which Adesso’s clients can explore various unique services in the journey to Trade Promotion Effectiveness…a journey to relaxing about trade spending.
“Always 1st class with Adesso!! Great job!” said Sheri Capuzi of Jel Sert Company after an extremely beneficial conference where she was excited to learn more about the improvements to deductions, among many enhancements in the Flaming TPM system.

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Throughout the Migration Meeting, many clients commented on the “wow’s” within the exciting enhancements to Adesso’s TPM system, including the Admin in the web application, top-down planning, forecast entry, offline planning, foodservice contracts, groups and claims processing, deal calendar, the dashboard, and the operating plan report, to mention a few.

Interested in joining the next event?

We’d love to have you! If you would like to participate the future of your Flamingo product, we invite you to sign up for our newsletter, or contact Lindsay for more information about an upcoming meeting! Not-yet-clients are also welcome to sign up, as this will be a great forum for learning how Adesso’s Flamingo TPM can help you take the first step in your journey to TPE!

About Adesso Solutions
Adesso Solutions is a leader in delivering Trade Promotion Effectiveness for small and medium sized Consumer Packaged Goods manufacturers. Adesso leverages their long history and deep expertise in the industry and a unique suite of solutions including an online community for client collaboration, an all-encompassing TPM (Trade Promotion Management) product on a cloud-based SaaS common platform (.Net), and unique consultative services to maximize the trade promotion effectiveness for the whole client community. For more information, visit or call 847-342-1095 Ext 4010.


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