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Adesso Invites Clients to ‘Relax in a Different World’

Adesso Invites Clients to ‘Relax in a Different World’

Addressing Inflation Through Trade at The Fall Community Conference

Rolling Meadows, IL. August 15, 2022 – Back from a 3-year hiatus due to recent travel restrictions and concerns, we are excited to announce Adesso’s in-person TPE Community client conference in our HQ office & Training Center, Tuesday 10/25 through Thursday 10/27.  This conference will focus on clients’ increased need for deeper trade analysis & more accurate forecasting resulting from cost issues and pricing concerns caused by the current environment.

The overarching theme will be ‘Relax in a Different World’, and the agenda & interactive workshops are once again driven by participating clients’ needs & ongoing requests, including sessions such as:

  • How Adesso’s solutions enable clients to relax about trade in this different world created by recent changes to costs, pricing & product scarcity, making their lives easier by addressing post inflation through strategic trade planning & analysis.
  • Client input into Flamingo Smart Dashboards new analyses to include: deeper analysis of customer profitability, forecasting accuracy post price increases, competitive reaction, pricing vs. trade, trade spending accountability, addressing erosion of non-promoted volume, to name a few.
  • Adesso’s analysis opportunities through various delivery vehicles such as Adesso’s  Data Tubes, other BI driven reporting, as well as tailoring of existing analyses & reporting.
  • An in-depth session to review recent updates to the revolutionary Annual Planner.
  • Various client presentations on topics such as warehouse withdrawals and a new forecasting tool.
  • A workshop specific to natural-specialty clients to review the Boardwalk Deduction Settlement solution for the 2 key distributors in the space & the deductions they challenge these clients to address.
  • Productive & fun networking sessions for industry best practices sharing.

Steve Huisenga, VP of Sales at American Pop Corn Company said, “I’ve attended quite a few of Adesso’s client conferences. And everything from the networking to the discussions around new system functionality and business process improvements has made these events both educational and beneficial for Jolly Time, so our team will be there!  They listen to our needs and opportunities and take action – these conferences are a key part of that. They are extremely beneficial and address it in a fun, positive environment.”

“We are beyond excited to already have a number of confirmed client attendees,” said Fred Schroeder, President & CEO at Adesso Solutions. “Our team has missed these fun & highly productive conferences, and it turns out our clients are equally excited to get back together!”

To learn more about Adesso, the Flamingo TPE solution, or the upcoming client conference, please contact Karin Souren, Director of Marketing, at or call 847.342.1095.

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