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Adesso receives positive reviews from Gartner – again!

Gartner just released their “Market Guide for Trade Promotion Management and Optimization” report, and below are highlights in which Adesso was once again viewed favorably.

User Experience…

The user experience was rated as above average and cited as one that feels more like a community than a vendor offering, with an intuitive and user-friendly system, especially when it comes to administration capabilities.

Vendor Trend…

Gartner recognizes Adesso as having longer experience in providing SaaS solutions than the rest of the market, with an excellent understanding of the North American TPM market, and having acquired additional talent with deep industry experience. Adesso was quoted as being “more differentiated than it was two years ago”, and being in a current growth state, continually adding new clients and expanding its user base.

Strengths & Differentiators…

  • A very unique blend of solution and support services, as well as a peer company network for sharing best practices in improving promotions, which it calls trade promotion effectiveness (TPE).
  • Adesso offers an unique Offline Planning tool, that has an Excel look and feel to it, allowing for its users to plan “offline” and then seamlessly integrate plans into the TPM product.
  • Another unique offering from Adesso is a service known as Key Account Analysis, which helps to make your trade dollars work harder. This is accomplished by finding opportunities to increase the efficiency of trade spending within the current promotional plan. This service is provided at a nominal fee and even comes with a money back guarantee!
  • Having an integrated food service solution, which is a real plus for companies that sell through that channel.


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