Would You Like to Cut Deductions Admin Time by 93%?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could automate the traditionally manual, tedious & time-consuming step of bringing distributor deduction backup documents into the trade system, creating a deduction, then matching the deductions to promotions?

We Have Made This Quick & Easy!

As the wooden boardwalk provides a pleasant path over sand and dunes to bring you to where you want to relax at the beach, Adesso’s new Boardwalk Re-Imagined Deduction Settlement solution brings your scanned or PDF trade documents into e-documents and automatically populates key fields within Flamingo, thus, saving you time and tedious work so you can relax about trade.

So, What Is


Adesso’s Boardwalk Re-Imagined Deduction Settlement solution addresses your deduction documents in two key areas to reduce time spent getting the data into the system:


Leverages Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to facilitate adding deduction, trade and other pertinent documentation to populate key fields.


Leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to then narrow the scope of the open & pertinent deductions to address & reduce search time. (Accuracy improves over time, too)


“Technology is the cornerstone at Adesso, and we continue to enhance our solutions based on feedback from our client community.

We developed the Boardwalk Re-Imagined Deduction Settlement solution  based on client and not-yet client suggestions, and is a key offering that will impact efficiency and business process among our client community.”

Rich Jones,
EVP of Technology

Adesso Solutions

How It Works...

We Simplify & Automate Your Settlement Process!

  1. You (or your broker/sales agency partner) simply upload your email backup from your distributor into a central location within the Flamingo system.
  2. Boardwalk utilizes OCR to read your images, creates the deduction, and finds the best matches to deals in the system for the backup, based on invoice #, check #, and deduction amount; then, using AI, recommends which promotions to match each deduction, significantly narrowing the scope.
  3. All you need to do is approve or update the recommendation to the appropriate deduction and then finalize the settlement.

Would you like to know more?

Boardwalk Benefits You
& Your Sales Agency Partners

With the combination of Flamingo TPM and the Boardwalk Re-Imagined Deduction Settlement solution, you will benefit from a best-in-class deductions process and solution for the Natural-Specialty channel that enables you and your sales agency partners to clear deductions more quickly and accurately than any other solution available.

You will reduce admin time, by more than 93%, addressing settlements from the initial short-pay to the closing of the deal; enabling you to quickly collect the ‘low hanging fruit’ of repays, so you can move to deeper trade analysis and more effective promotions – benefiting both your business and your sales agency partners.