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Can one TPM solution fit all?

The simple answer is a resounding yes!
Managing trade funds is complex. However, the basics of managing trade funds is not different, particularly between  the small and medium size CPG manufacturers. There just aren’t 10 ways to clear dedictions that are all “best practices”. 
There, the best TPM producrs are one’s that have been developed by trade experts at the solution provider (if they have any with that experience), typically in conjunction with a team of executives from the CPG clients responsible for trade promotion spending and management.
The beauty of this approach is that you have all the users from the different CPG manufacturer clients clearing deductions the same way. If something needs to be improved, it becomes part of a collective upgrade based upon a broad group of user experiences vs. a “customized” approached from one client that may or may not be ideal. This makes it faster, better, and less expensive to collectively improve the TPM product.
However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a TPM product configured to your specific product, retailer and promotion group needs. This becomes an important part of the setup and implementation process for the CPG  manufacturer. The TPM platform is built-you can then configure it to your specific needs.
So it’s really the best of both worlds. One solution does fit all-by being build on a common best practices platform with the flexibility to adapt it to your go to market strategy.

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