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Would You Like to Cut Deductions Admin Time by 93%?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could automate the traditionally manual and time-consuming step of bringing trade documents and data, such as contracts and deduction backup documents into the TPM system?

We Have Now Made This Quick & Easy!

So, What Is


Addresses the challenge of organizing and consolidating MCB/deduction backup, and simplifies finding the appropriate deal.


Deduction backup documents, from distributors such as UNFI/KeHE, are sent to a secure FTP site, and deductions are populated.


Promotion deductions (typically > 75% of the deduction) are targeted based on customer, amount and date, which becomes more accurate over time.

“Technology is the cornerstone at Adesso, and we continue to enhance our solutions based on feedback from our client community. We developed the Boardwalk Re-Imagined Deduction Settlement solution  based on client and not-yet client suggestions, and is a key offering that will impact efficiency and business process among our client community.” Rich Jones, EVP of Technology Adesso Solutions

How It Works...

We Simplify & Automate Your Settlement Process!

You, or your broker partner, simply upload your emailed or downloaded backup from your distributor into a central location within the Flamingo system.

Boardwalk reads your images and finds the best matches for the backup, based on invoice #, check #, and deduction amount; then recommends which promotions to match each deduction, significantly narrowing the scope so all you need to do is approve or update the recommendation to the appropriate deduction and then finalize the settlement.

Would you like to know more?

Join us for a half hour webinar to review Boardwalk — our newest solution that can help you reduce your MCB/deduction settlement time by 93% or more!

Boardwalk Benefits You,
Your Sales Agency Partners
& Your Retailers

Boardwalk BenefitsReduce admin time (most recently cited as over 93%) addressing settlements from the initial short-pay to the closing of the deal. Boardwalk BenefitsQuickly collect the ‘low hanging fruit’ of repays, and eliminating double-dipped promotions so you can move to deeper trade analysis and more effective promotions – benefiting both your business and your retail partners.

2021 TPE Community Conference


Save the Date!

Join us for an Executive Leadership Conference for Adesso’s client-partners at Disney’s beautiful Yacht Club Resort & Convention Center in Lake Buena Vista, Florida from September 7 to 9, 2021.

Check-in will begin at 3pm on Tuesday, and the conference kicks off Tuesday evening with a welcome reception starting at 6pm.

Why Attend?

  • An opportunity for sales and finance executives to discuss industry issues and collective challenges.
  • Numerous sessions to improve effectiveness through deeper analysis (incl. consumption data) leading to better planning.
  • Client-led discussions to leverage the entire Flamingo TPE solution through enhanced business processes and best practices.
  • A unique opportunity to spend time with your peers, generate new perspectives, and ideally solve some trade issues you may have.
Adesso's 2021 TPE Community Conference @ Disney's Yacht Club

Conference At A Glance

  • Location:
    Disney’s Yacht Club Resort & Convention Center
  • Conference Check-In: Tuesday, 9/7 – 3:00 to 6:00 pm
  • Welcome Reception: Tuesday, 9/7 – 6:00 pm
  • Conference Sessions:
    Wednesday, 9/8 – 8:30 am to 2:00 pm
    Thursday, 9/9 – 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Room Rate: $298/night
  • Extended Stay Rates: Subject to availability of group rate rooms, run of house Hotel rooms may be reserved at the Group Room Rates for the three days before Sunday, September 5, 2021 and the three days after Saturday, September 11, 2021 for attendees wishing to
    extend their stays.

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Educational Natural-Specialty Trade Spending Webinar


Natural-Specialty Trade Spending WebinarWe Invite You to Join us for a Natural-Specialty Trade Spending Webinar

Trade spending in the Natural-Specialty segment is highly complex. Most emerging manufacturers lack the time to both manage this expense, and then leverage the opportunity to grow their businesses through a sound trade spending strategy – based on achieving your KPIs. Today, most manufacturers are using Excel, however, there is a simpler, more effective and cost-efficient approach. It not only manages this significant expense, but enables strategic growth, consistent with your overall company objectives, to drive the rapid and profitable growth you need to scale.

Would You Like to Learn to Leverage Trade for Strategic Growth?

During this Natural-Specialty Trade Spending webinar, we will share some of the successful practices and approaches our clients have used to grow their business, reduce trade spending on a ‘rate per case’ basis, and achieve repayment for unauthorized deductions/chargebacks. We will also share information we have gathered on trade spending in the Natural-Specialty segment in general and some categorization of trade that clients leverage to manage their business.

Webinar Overview

  • Review the current situation around trade spending today.
  • You’re spending more than you think – understand it, and learn what you’re getting for the investment.
  • Compare ‘working’ vs. ‘non-working’ trade.
  • Discuss how to improve your trade effectiveness in a progressive, structured fashion.
  • Provide real examples of companies addressing trade effectiveness and growing their business.

Cost: Complimentary!

We hope you can make it, and look forward to the opportunity to speak with you soon!

Contact Us with any questions you may have!

Upcoming Dates

  • Wednesday, July 21 at 11am CT (noon ET)
  • Wednesday, August 4 at 11am CT (noon ET)

How to Master the Art of Trade Spending to Grow a Healthy Business


New Hope Network Webinar

How to Master the Art of Trade Spending to Grow a Healthy Business

How to Master the Art of Trade Spending to Grow a Healthy BusinessEvery manufacturer in the natural and organic space is in business because they see the opportunity and want to tap into the fast-growing healthy living movement. Also, in this climate as more and more consumers turn to natural and organic products to support wellness.

 Managing trade spending can be complex without proper expertise, processes, systems and training. So, it’s critical to have the right information and resources at your fingertips. During this webinar, we tap key industry experts to share insights into how to develop a strategic trade spending plan that will set your company up for short- and long-term success. Watch New Hope Network’s on demand webinar, ‘How to Master the Art of Trade Spending to Grow a Healthy Business’.

You Can Have Better Visibility Into Your Trade Spending in Just 1 Week!

Gain better visibility into trade spending with Adesso

What % of Your Budget is Trade Spending?

To know where your dollars are spent and to make them work harder,
here are 5 reasons to consider Adesso’s Flamingo TPM:

The new fees from Whole Foods will be another area of change – and increased spending.

The upcharge from distributors is not always known to you in advance, so your retail price isn’t what you thought it was set to be.

You’re unable to see exactly where your promotion dollars are being spent.

Deduction/MCB management is an accounting nightmare, and it is a challenge to hire someone who has the expertise.

You and your CFO are constantly wondering what you’ve spent at retailers through distributors, and would like accountability.

If you’re on QuickBooks, you’ll be up, running – and generating results – within a week, and it grows as you do.

And do not worry about complexity – it is simpler than spreadsheets for your team, and brokers love it, too!

To find out how YOU can be LIVE in Flamingo WITHIN A WEEK,
ask us to shop by your booth at Expo West!

Submit the quick form below: 

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Educational Group & Resources for Emerging Consumer Packaged Goods Companies


We Invite You to Gain Access to Educational Resources,
and Join Peer & Industry Expert Collaboration

The Consumer Packaged Goods industry is complex, and often leaders and entrepreneurs find themselves struggling with challenges such as managing manufacturer chargebacks, understanding trade spending and expectations, maintaining a sustainable gross margin, and the relationships with retailers and distributors.

Below are two resources that will help you to begin to understand how to navigate the complexity:

1. Join a Discussion Group for Natural & Specialty CPGs:

For individuals looking to learn more about how to navigate the unique, complex CPG industry, where peers and industry experts share best practices to improve the collective trade promotion effectiveness.

Ask to Join Now

2. Sign Up to Receive the Upcoming White Paper:

Our white paper series focuses on topics that arm you with knowledge and recommendations you can implement for immediate process improvement.
Next up: “5 Keys to Competing and Surviving in the Natural-Specialty Segment of the CPG Industry.”

Request Your Copy

Imagine…waking up knowing your trade spending is within 1% of what you think it is!

What % of Your Budget is Trade Spending?

To know where your dollars are spent & make them work harder, here are
5 reasons to consider Adesso’s Flamingo Natural-Specialty TPM:


While trade spending may be new to you, we have lived it, collectively, for hundreds of years – it is this experience which has developed our Trade Promotion Management (TPM) system & our supporting services. We have seen it all.


Our client-partners range from $1 million in size to several billion. And through our community, we all learn & grow from each other.


Your pricing would be very affordable; based on your size, with graduated pricing as you grow.


You’ll be up, running & generating results in 4-8 weeks, due to pre-built QuickBooks interfaces & experienced team.


The system is simple for sales & broker partners to use, and evolves with your business growth; immediate results, payback & long-term improved effectiveness.

“Our total lives here are to work with you & your team to measure your trade spending
and help these dollars work harder. We’d love for you to talk to our other client-partners,
and relax about this stressful area like they do.”

Fred Schroeder, President & CEO
(  |  Connect on LinkedIn)

Adesso Clients Attend 1st Class Migration Meeting

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Rolling Meadows, IL (November 20, 2015) – Through a productive 2-day work-session-based meeting with in-depth client-centered discussions, Adesso’s clients had the opportunity to become intimately familiar with the enhanced Adesso Flamingo TPM system. These work sessions presented enhancements to the systems, as well as unique trade management and trade marketing services, which, together, present the opportunity to explore Trade Promotion Effectiveness for each of their companies. Continue reading

Reserve your spot now for the 2016 TPE Community Conference!

We are excited to announce – the 2016 TPE Community Conference will take place on April 19-21, once again at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida!

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Key Conference Details

Tuesday – Thursday, April 19-21
Disney’s Yacht Club Resort & Conference Center
1700 Epcot Resort Boulevard
Lake Buena Vista, Florida
Agenda: View Agenda
Room Rate:
$225/night +tax
Limited rooms availablereserve your spot now!
Tuesday, 3-6:45pm (following hotel check-in)
Asbury Registration Desk
More Details:
Visit our conference website
Call or email Karin Souren: 908-517-1147


Meet us at the 2015 CGT Conference!

October 19-20, 2015:

2015-10-CGTAs CPG Trade Experts with intimate knowledge of trade best practices to help develop and maximize usage of TPM products to return a better ROI fo your trade spending, we are extremely excited to be attending the 2015 CGT Business & Technology Leadership Conference in Orlando, Florida.
We hope to see you at the Grand Floridian October 19-22!
Would you like make sure we catch up at the conference? Contact us today!