Article: The Measurable Benefits of Trade Spend

The Measurable Benefits of Trade Spend

In Adesso Solutions’ continuing partnership with New Hope Network, President & CEO, Fred Schroeder, discussed the benefits of evaluating trade through a proven solution in this Q&A style discussion from a recent webinar in a series of 4 on-demand webinars – “The Measurable Benefits of Managing Trade Spend”.

Throughout the article, Fred briefly recaps the first webinar in the series titled “Get Your Trade Spend Under Control”, pertaining to the major challenges emerging companies experience around trade spend, and then moves to share how natural-specialty companies can address these obstacles.

Fred discusses the short and longer term benefits of using a solution such as Adesso’s Flamingo TPE solution, and some specific reasons why now may be the time for your company to act.

Article: How Brands Can Get Their Trade Spend Under Control

How Brands Can Get Their Trade Spend Under Control

Are you curious about how to get your trade spend out of control?  In this article, Adesso Solutions’ President & CEO, Fred Schroeder chats with New Hope Network about how brands can help get their trade spend under control and boost their bottom line.

Fred outlines how the many complex moving pieces involved with trade spend may be causing brands to significantly underestimate how much of their revenue is going towards trade. It can be a difficult process to understand promotions and deductions, but introducing a trade solution to your business can help break down these complicated aspects of trade.

Throughout the article and related webinar, Fred outlines the challenges of managing trade spend and the importance of introducing a trade solution to get trade under control and boost the bottom line.

A Guide to Making Your Brand’s Worst Enemy its Greatest Ally

Every CPG's Secret Weapon: Trade Promotion Strategies

How would you answer these questions? Do I know exactly what I’m spending on trade? What am I getting for my trade dollars? Are my trade promotion strategies helping me grow my business?  

“Manufacturers can tell you exactly how much they’re spending on salaries. They can tell you how much the contract packer is charging them to put their organic meat sauce in jars. They can tell you each lid for those jars costs 18.2 cents per case,” says, Fred Schroeder, President & CEO at Adesso. “But when it comes down to how much they’re spending on trade promotion? They have no idea. But they should.”

We invite you to request this eGuide, developed by New Hope Network to find out how natural products brands are using trade promotion strategies, saving time and money and creating profit-fueling strategy.

What If A Flamingo… Could Help You Achieve Trade Promotion Effectiveness?

Curious How Flamingo TPE Enables Your Success?

Flamingo TPE addresses the most common challenges with distributor deductions & trade management. It ensures success by addressing the entire trade process with anything that has to do with your trade spending in one place, and in an easy to use, affordable, and quick to set up platform. 

To learn more, we invite you to request this flyer, which provides a quick overview of Adesso’s solutions, how they address every aspect of the trade process, as well as your potential short and long term ROI.

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Address Distributor Deduction Backup…in a Day…with Boardwalk!

Adesso Boardwalk Flyer
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Are you tired of sorting through pages and pages of distributor deduction backup? Boardwalk can help!

Our Boardwalk solution, that replaces the manual process with an incredibly simply process, cuts your admin time by +93%!

Download the flyer for more details, contact us, or message us on LinkedIn to have a quick conversation!

Boardwalk Re-Imagined Deduction Settlement


Would You Like to Cut Deductions Admin Time by 93%?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could automate the traditionally manual and time-consuming step of bringing trade documents and data, such as contracts and deduction backup documents into the TPM system?

We Have Made This Quick & Easy!

As the wooden boardwalk provides a pleasant path over sand and dunes to bring you to where you want to relax at the beach, Adesso’s new Boardwalk Re-Imagined Deduction Settlement solution brings your scanned or PDF trade documents into e-documents and automatically populates key fields within Flamingo, thus, saving you time and tedious work so you can relax about trade.

So, What Is


Adesso’s Boardwalk Re-Imagined Deduction Settlement solution addresses your deduction documents in two key areas to reduce time spent getting the data into the system:


Leverages Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to facilitate adding deduction, trade and other pertinent documentation to populate key fields.


Leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to then narrow the scope of the open and pertinent deductions to address and reduce search time.

“Technology is the cornerstone at Adesso, and we continue to enhance our solutions based on feedback from our client community. We developed the Boardwalk Re-Imagined Deduction Settlement solution  based on client and not-yet client suggestions, and is a key offering that will impact efficiency and business process among our client community.” Rich Jones, EVP of Technology Adesso Solutions

How It Works...

We Simplify & Automate Your Settlement Process!

You, or your broker partner, simply upload your email backup from your distributor into a central location within the Flamingo system.

Boardwalk reads your images and finds the best matches for the backup, based on invoice #, check #, and deduction amount; then recommends which promotions to match each deduction, significantly narrowing the scope so all you need to do is approve or update the recommendation to the appropriate deduction and then finalize the settlement.

Would you like to know more?

Boardwalk Benefits You,
Your Sales Agency Partners
& Your Retailers

With the combination of Flamingo TPM and the Boardwalk Re-Imagined Deduction Settlement solution, you will benefit from a best-in-class deductions process and solution for the Natural-Specialty channel that enables you and your sales agency partners to clear deductions more quickly and accurately than any other solution available.

You will reduce admin time, by more than 93%, addressing settlements from the initial short-pay to the closing of the deal; enabling you to quickly collect the ‘low hanging fruit’ of repays, so you can move to deeper trade analysis and more effective promotions – benefiting both your business and your retail partners.

Adesso’s Annual Planner… Scenario Planning & Crazy Simple!


Below are 3 reasons why Adesso’s Annual Planner makes your life simpler, and your trade spend more accurate.

We can get you set up in 4 weeks…
… in plenty of time for your 2023 planning!

Converts Sales Team's Time from Admin to Analysis of Trade of Trade Spending

What Makes it So Much Simpler?

Let's see...
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You May Never Need to Enter a Deal Again

How Is This Possible?

Let's see...
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Key Metrics Enable Scenario Planning

Why Do KPI's Help You Plan?

Let's see...
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6 Reasons Flamingo Drives an Immediate ROI, Saves Sales Time & Helps You Relax


1. Complete Line of Sight & Accountability

You should know what you are spending on trade at every direct and indirect customer, like you do any other item on your P&L.

“The benefit of Flamingo is complete line of sight. Historically, we used a piece of paper or an Excel file and now it’s all in one place with line of sight and visibility that can hold people accountable to what their budgets are, and use a better business management style.”

Lou Fata, VP of Sales  Palmers

2. Makes Your Trade $ Work Harder for You

You need significant information over an extended period of time, in order to make more strategic decisions for trade planning – based on what works and what doesn’t work. (Download this eGuide by New Hope Network, “Every CPG’s Secret Weapon: Trade Promotion Strategy” for more information.)

3. It's Painless

Your setup is quick and easy; and training for your internal and broker team, as well as administration of Flamingo is taken care of.

Leverage Adesso’s trade expertise for your trade effectiveness!

“The setup and kickoff training got us up to speed quickly, with the Adesso team being deeply involved throughout the process. Next, their ongoing AdessoU training program is a valuable resource for our internal sales organization, financial group and broker team. Additionally, we are finding the System Administration service very effective; having their experts to help our team minimize administration duties, which allows us to focus on running our business. Adesso’s team is always prompt with their responses, they are proactive, on target, and willing to help. They do what is required to make us successful, and it is having an impact on our business.”

Steven Boyle, FP&A Analyst  Blue Marble Brands

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4. Pays for Itself Immediately

You can save the equivalent of 6 years of subscription your first year by reducing deduction aging and securing repays of unauthorized deductions. (See this case study of how one client achieved this!)

5. Brokers Love It

Flamingo enables greater broker involvement, which saves admin time for your internal sales and finance team to spend building and analyzing your business.

“Our brokers enter deals, clear our deductions, do our repays, the check requests – – they do it all and we have no deductions over 90 days. My brokers tell me that Adesso is the most user friendly system they have in their office. We have brokers recommend Adesso to other clients that they have.” Karen Prophet, Promotions & Trade Spend Manager IdahoanFoods
(click to learn why it's crazy simple)

6. Convert Sales Time From Admin to Analysis of Trade

Ditch the spreadsheets and leverage a flexible Annual Planner so your sales team can reduce admin time and improve trade effectiveness. You may never need to enter a deal again!

Adesso Connected with Natural-Specialty Manufacturers as Premier Provider Sponsor


Offering Trade Spending Learning at Natural Products Expo Virtual Event

Rolling Meadows, IL. March 10, 2021 – We were extremely pleased to connect with hundreds of CPG manufacturers during Natural Products Expo Virtual March 2 through March 4 as a Premier Provider Event Sponsor. Spark Brand Success, which united service providers and natural-specialty brands in the first Natural Products Expo Virtual event of the year, was all about giving manufacturers the information and resources they need to thrive in 2021—and beyond. In addition to attending presentations and virtual networking events, Adesso’s participation included the presentation, ‘Trade Promotion Strategy: Brand Success Depends on it’ day-1 of the live-streamed event. Another session offered was an on-demand educational webinar, developed in partnership with New Hope Network. Additionally, Adesso’s virtual booth offer a variety of educational materials, such as flyers, brochures, and case studies for manufacturers to take advantage of.

Adesso continues to expand upon its community by offering ongoing trade education opportunities for CPG manufacturers through a number of different media. Current offerings include:

  1. The on-demand webinar, How to master the art of trade spending to grow a healthy business, featuring guest speakers Thomas Huls, VP of Sales at Chosen Foods, as well as Denise Adamich, Controller at Once Upon A Farm. Both client-partners discuss how they have improved their trade promotion effectiveness and leverage trade spending for business growth, as well as continuously improve upon their deduction resolution process.
  2. The comprehensive eGuide, ‘The Secret to making Trade Spending Your Greatest Ally,’ Adesso developed in partnership with New Hope Network, which is available to download on their website.
  3. The invitation to connect, have a conversation, and request additional materials for learning how to more effectively manage trade.

“Our team enjoyed participating in last week’s virtual event, which was well-run by New Hope Network,” said Fred Schroeder, President & CEO at Adesso Solutions. “We made lots of connections, participated in a number of interesting sessions, as well as met with manufacturers interested in learning more about how they can grow their business through strategic improvement of their trade spending. We look forward to continuing the conversations and to getting back to meeting with our natural-specialty manufacturer friends in-person at Expo East in Philadelphia this fall.”

For additional information, we invite you to visit us online at, or contact Karin Souren, Director of Marketing directly at or 847-342-1095 x4031.

# # #

Our Clients Relax About Trade Spending


At Adesso we help our clients relax about managing their trade, when we begin to speak with a CPG company looking to improve the effectiveness of their trade spending and deduction management. A number of objectives for investing in a solution are consistent among them.  Adesso_2022-03-22 How We Help Clients Relax

In this fact sheet, we’ve outlined 8 specific ways in which our clients say we help them relax. Also, addressing their objectives about trade spending management.

To learn more on how our clients relax about trade spending, click the image to download your copy. Then, contact us if you would like to speak with any of our clients on how they have addressed the common opportunities that exist among CPG manufacturers.