LinkedIn Group: Trade Analysis for SMB CPG’s

Wanna talk about Analysis?

Trade Analysis for SMB CPG’s is intended to promote collaboration and a community between smaller CPG companies who feel all alone when trying to compete against Tier 1 companies who have category ownership.

LinkedIn group: Trade Analysis for SMB CPG's
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This is a select group who have different challenges including less resources in terms of time and money to conduct detailed analysis.
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Join a community of peers in the Natural Specialty industry with similar interests & business issues!

This LinkedIn group was developed to promote discussions & solutions for all individuals looking to learn more about how to navigate the unique, complex issue of managing MCBs and trade spending with distributors.

LinkedIn group: Small & Startup CPG's
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There is a different language, set of measurements and requirements to be successful in this seemingly “simple” channel, and often leaders & entrepreneurs find themselves struggling with these challenges. Through experience, dialogue, connections & partnering, this group will strive to assist these new, emerging companies maximize their opportunity for success. The major challenge that we will focus on will revolve around trade spending, deduction management and the relationships with retailers and distributors.
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