Bare Bones Selects Adesso’s Flamingo TPE to Optimize Trade Results & Save Trade Management Time

Bare Bones BrothRolling Meadows, IL. December 1, 2022 – We are excited to welcome Barebones Ventures, LLC, a San Diego-based food company and tastemaker of healthy pantry staples for cooking & sipping, to Adesso’s client community. As a leading innovator in the bone broth space, the company offers a full line of nourishing broth products in traditional liquid and instant powder formats.

Being able to analyze promotion effectiveness to enable continual strategic improvement of promotion planning was a key objective of Bare Bones, typically one of the main challenges CPG manufacturers experience when initially managing trade using spreadsheets. The Bare Bones team selected Adesso’s Flamingo TPE solution as it will immediately enable full visibility into their trade spending and significant time savings when settling deductions.  Additionally, having all trade data in the system ultimately leads to powerful analysis, which empowers their team to optimize trade spending for improved results.

Katherine Harvey, Cofounder & CEO at Bare Bones said, “Trade spend in this industry is notoriously difficult to control and leverage effectively, so we’re excited to partner with Adesso, a solution provider that understands the natural products space. I’m confident their tools will enable us to drill down to analyze and understand exactly what we are spending, and where we can improve promotion effectiveness to grow the business.”

“Our Client Effectiveness team is passionate about our client partners’ success, and we have been working closely with the Bare Bones team to guide them through their setup process,” said Claudia Winegar, Sr. Director of Client Effectiveness at Adesso. “We were excited for another rapid setup & assisting them in making a significant change to their business very quickly. That is our mission here.”

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Five Emerging Natural Products Companies Among Many Who ‘Get’ the Value of a Trade Solution & Are Taking Action Now

Rolling Meadows, IL. June 9, 2022 – We are extremely proud to announce the addition of five new emerging natural products companies who have joined the Adesso TPE Community!  We welcome Daily Crunch Snacks, Farin’UP USA, Flackers, Lisa’s 1973, and OLYRA Foods – adding to the natural brands we help relax: amazing superfood infused sprouted nuts snacks, quick & easy premium baking and breakfast mixes, delicious nutrient-rich Flaxseed crackers and seed crisps, ultra-clean dressings, as well as organic & nutritious breakfast biscuits.

Although manufacturers typically understand the need to better manage trade spending, the number two expense item on their P&L, they are now beginning to recognize that waiting to act only postpones the year-1 savings, and the opportunity to use trade dollars more strategically to grow their business. 

Flamingo TPE addresses all opportunity areas within trade spending and deductions for emerging CPG companies. With a new setup process that guides the clients through a logical journey, the connection to QuickBooks is quick, and Adesso’s new Setup Wizard takes all the stress out of getting the key information into the solution to be live and gaining value from their investment. Additionally, it enables Adesso’s Client Effectiveness team to work closely with each partner to ensure that each step was successful and that they are ready to proceed with the next. 

“We’ve focused extensively on the natural segment over the last 10 years from a solution and process perspective, and more and more companies understand the importance and urgency to address trade,” said Fred Schroeder, President & CEO at Adesso Solutions. “We look forward to assisting these five new clients and sharing their results with the community.”

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Explore Cuisine Powers their Trade & Deduction Management With Adesso’s Redefined & Simplified TPM Solution

Explore Cuisine Greetings from Red Bank

Rolling Meadows, IL. September 24, 2021

We are excited to welcome Explore Cuisine of Red Bank, New Jersey to the Adesso Client Community.  Their natural, organic and gluten-free pastas power and add fuel to your healthy lifestyle. Similarly, Adesso’s Flamingo TPM solution now powers Explore Cuisine’s trade promotions with visibility into spending at direct and indirect customers, as well as dramatically reduced admin time for trade planning and deduction resolution.

With a solid background in the CPG industry, the Explore Cuisine team selected Adesso based on key differentiators within the industry. Most significantly, Adesso’s redefined and simplified standard solution includes the recently updated Annual Planner – a huge time-saver for trade planning, as well as the new Boardwalk solution, which cuts +93% off deduction admin time by addressing the challenge of organizing and consolidating MCB/deduction backup, then simplifies finding the appropriate deal to match to each deduction. Additionally, selecting Adesso means having a solution partner with a lifetime of industry experience who is exclusively focused on the client’s long-term growth plan, and offers unique System Effectiveness Services that ensure success through quick setup, system admin, ongoing training, and usage & performance diagnostics.

Explore Cuisine Logo“We’re thrilled to be onboard with Adesso,” said Jim Magner, VP of Sales at Explore Cuisine. “Having a trade solution that manages our entire trade process will be a game-changer for us. We are especially excited about the Annual Planner and the Boardwalk solution, as these will reduce our admin time tremendously and enable us to analyze spending in all channels to leverage trade for strategic growth.”

“Welcoming Explore Cuisine is exciting for our TPE Client Community,” said Fred Schroeder, President & CEO at Adesso Solutions. “Their team’s industry experience will be an asset through their input into the ongoing evolution of the solution.”

To learn more about Boardwalk and Adesso’s complete trade solution for natural-specialty CPG, please contact Karin Souren, Director of Marketing, at or call 847.342.1095.


The Adesso TPE Client Community Welcomes E.T. Browne Drug Company

Rolling Meadows, IL. February 1, 2018 – While Adesso specializes in improving the well-being of our client’s trade budgets, our new partner, E.T. Browne Drug Company is the longest standing proprietors of skin and hair care products for families in the United States. Headquartered in New Jersey for over 50 years, E.T. Browne is especially known for the revolutionary brand Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula. We welcome E.T. Browne to our community of client-partners for trade promotion management & effectiveness!

“I was extremely pleased when E.T. Browne came to us through a long-term connection,” said Fred Schroeder, President & CEO at Adesso Solutions. “It is a testament to the importance of our team’s CPG industry experience and the friends we’ve made along the way.”

For additional information, we invite you to visit us online at, or contact Karin Souren, Director of Marketing at or 847-342-1095 x4031.

Adesso Solutions Welcomes Jiffy Mix to the TPE Client Community

Rolling Meadows, IL. December 31, 2017 – Chelsea Milling Company (Jiffy Mix) is a complete manufacturer. They store wheat. They mill wheat into flour. They use that flour for their own mixes. They even make their own “little blue” boxes. They do it all, and that’s why their mixes provide their customers with the best possible value. At Adesso, we take pride in providing measurable value in our clients’ trade promotion solution investment, and we are pleased to announce that Jiffy Mix has selected us as the solution partner they trust for their Trade Promotion Management System and Trade Effectiveness Services.

“We were thrilled Jiffy Mix attended our fall client conference as a prospective client this year,” said Fred Schroeder, President & CEO at Adesso Solutions. “Visiting your prospective TPM solution partner is a terrific way to get to know the team, and to evaluate the provider’s offerings before making your selection.”

For additional information, we invite you to visit us online at, or contact Karin Souren, Director of Marketing at or 847-342-1095 x4031.

Once Upon A Farm Joins Adesso Solutions to the TPE Community of Clients

Rolling Meadows, IL. December 31, 2017 – As the Adesso team dreams of waking up knowing our clients’ trade spending is under control, and outstanding deductions have been reduced as a result of Flamingo Trade Promotion Management (TPM) and our Trade Promotion Effectiveness (TPE) services, Once Upon A Farm also has a big dream: to provide yummy and nutritious “farm-to-family” foods to kids of all ages. It is their plan to grow into new categories, and their vision to provide as many children as possible with the best tasting, most nutritious, and highest quality food utilizing sustainable methods.

“We are excited Once Upon A Farm as joined our client community,” said Rich Jones, Executive Vice President of Technology at Adesso Solutions. “Our systems and services were developed – and continue to evolve – with our clients’ business needs in mind, so our client-partners can focus on strategically growing their business while keeping their trade spending in check.”

For additional information, we invite you to visit us online at, or contact Karin Souren, Director of Marketing at or 847-342-1095 x4031.

Adesso Solutions Welcomes Diamond Foods to the TPE Community of Clients

Rolling Meadows, IL. December 31, 2017 – Adesso Solutions welcomes Diamond Foods to our community of Client-Partners. As Diamond takes immense pride in offering fresh, high-quality and great-tasting nuts for over 100 years, Adesso is proud to partner exclusively with small to medium sized CPG manufactures in North America to measurably, progressively, and systematically improve our clients’ trade promotion effectiveness over the short and long term, through systems, services, community & fun.

“The Adesso team understands the CPG industry, and has done a nice job of thinking through capabilities we need today and might need in the future,” said Willie Enck, Director of Sales, Diamond Foods LLC at Adesso’s recent TPE Community Conference.

For additional information, we invite you to visit us online at, or contact Karin Souren, Director of Marketing at or 847-342-1095 x4031.

TH Foods Joins Adesso’s TPE Client Community for Flamingo TPM and Outsourced System Administration

Rolling Meadows, IL (July 20, 2016) – Adesso Solutions announced today the addition to their community of Client Partners, TH Foods from Loves Park, Illinois. With Adesso’s Flamingo Trade Promotion Management System, as well as the unique Outsourced System Administration services, TH Foods joins an interactive community of CPG manufacturers on their journey to Trade Promotion Effectiveness (TPE). Together, these companies share significant benefits of trade management efficiency, important industry learnings and best practices, and savings in their overall trade spending.

“TH Foods is a great addition to our TPE Community,” said Fred Schroeder, President & CEO of Adesso Solutions. “They are not only in the Retail segment of the CPG industry, but also in the Natural segment. At Adesso, we have focused increasingly on this growing and important segment, in order to offer a solution that is not only affordable to these manufacturers, but a system that is right for them.”

About TH Foods
Begun in 1984, TH Foods has grown from its beginnings as a small food production company called Sesmark, to a formidable still-growing company called Terra Harvest, or TH Foods.  Today, TH Foods has grown into a leading manufacturer in the snack food industry. Known worldwide for our new, innovative snack products, our product line includes a wide array of sesame, corn and rice snack and cracker products.
About Adesso Solutions
Adesso Solutions is a leader in delivering Trade Promotion Effectiveness for small and medium sized Consumer Packaged Goods manufacturers. Adesso leverages their long history and deep expertise in the industry and a unique suite of solutions, including a TPE community for client collaboration, an all-encompassing TPM (Trade Promotion Management) system on a cloud-based SaaS common platform (.Net), and unique consultative services to maximize the trade promotion effectiveness for the whole client community.