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CPG Retail + Foodservice

Foodservice TPM With Retail In One Symbiotic System

Flamingo Retail + Foodservice

We built the Flamingo system to address the nuances and differences of foodservice within an organization that is predominantly retail.
Stop Duplicating
Your Efforts! ​
Still managing your Foodservice and Retail trade spending in completely separate systems? That’s an administrative nightmare. The cost and confusion of switching between systems to manage the whole business, two ERP integrations, and often two different administrators requiring different training, is time consuming and costly.
CPG Retail
SE Services
One Integrated System For Both
SMB Retail with Foodservice was built for the Adesso clients who have a smaller percentage of their business that’s Foodservice. Rather than needing two solutions, we built a system that enables you to have one trade promotion management system for both.
Foodservice Functionality

We understand the specific functions you need to manage trade spending for Foodservice. Flamingo TPM saves you time and money with one system for all your customers and products. It connects to your ERP system for simplified management and detailed analysis.

CPG Retail + Foodservice
CPG Retail + Foodservice
Reduce Cost & Overhead
Flamingo Retail + Foodservice TPM saves time and money by requiring only one set of ERP interfaces, one trained person and one administrator. It has full functionality allowing you to plan, budget, track, forecast, report and reconcile foodservice trade spending.