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Energems Selects Adesso’s Flamingo TPM System & Outsourced System Administration Service


Adesso Provides Added Energy to Energems’ Trade Promotion Effectiveness

Energems has selected the Flamingo TPM System to not only manage, but also improve trade promotion effectiveness. This TPM system is extremely user friendly, and has all the key functionality to effectively manage their trade promotions, giving them visibility into all aspects of their trade spending.

By also selecting Adesso’s Outsourced Administration Service, Energems gets a dedicated expert who knows the Flamingo TPM System, and who learns their business, which leads to faster administration response time, ensures administration consistency, answers questions and importantly avoids lost time and money from admin turnover, retraining, incorrect usage and incorrect data input. Finally, it’s more affordable than a full-time employee.

About Energems

Energems, the cleaner, healthier and tastier way to get the energy you want, when you want it, are bite-sized chocolate energy supplements made with delicious dark chocolate and just the right amount of caffeine, plus vitamins B and D with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
One serving, or three gems, is the caffeine-equivalent of a cup of coffee or an energy drink and one serving is only 50 little calories.

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