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Getting another perspective on trade spending

Many of us often fall into the trap of living in our own little world. We are busy with too many things to do so we just try to keep our heads above water, meet deadlines, and approach problems and retailers the same way we always have.
There’s comfort in having gone down this path before. Tried and true.

But could you be missing something better?

Could you be leaving money on the table?

It’s no wonder that when we hold TPE (trade promotion effectiveness) conferences, the client and “not yet client” attendees always say that being able to interact with other CPG manufacturers is extremely beneficial. To learn that others have similar issues helps provide perspective and a benchmark to where you are vs. others.
If you would like to attend one of our upcoming conferences, let us know – and we will add you to the invite list.
You have nothing to lose, and the upside can be significant – both financially and for peace of mind.
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