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Trade Spending FAQs

‘Working Trade’ vs ‘Non-Working Trade’

Non-Working Trade Essentially, by non-working trade, we refer to dollars that do not get to the consumer, do not drive targeted distribution, and do not
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History of Trade Spending

In a 1971 effort to halt inflation, the Nixon administration froze wages and prices for 90 days. He froze them again in 1973. Manufacturers raised
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What is TPM Software?

A TPM software solution enables businesses to better plan and operate in all aspects of trade. Adesso’s Flamingo Trade Promotion Effectiveness (TPE) solution helps you manage
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What is the Difference Between TPE vs TPM?

Trade Spending is a major area to address for CPG manufactures both in the Natural-Specialty and conventional retail segments. Most companies have limited visibility and
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What is Trade Spending or Trade Promotions?

 Trade Spending, or Trade Promotions, are expenditures paid directly by a manufacturer to the retailer or distributor within the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry.  However,
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