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Helping You Address a Sea of Trade Information

TPE Analysis & Reporting

Adesso’s Lighthouse Retailer Analysis & Effectiveness Solution (REAS) addresses the sea of trade information, and brings in Integrated Trade & Consumption Analysis (syndicated data for targeted promotion groups and retailers), Customer Volume & Financial Analysis, and Warehouse Withdrawals. It is fully embedded into Flamingo TPM for all your users via Adesso’s enhanced Smart Dashboard Analysis & Reporting platform.

Are you ready to take a more strategic approach to managing trade
and gain a new level of clarity?

Welcome to Cape Hatteras

Cape Hatteras, our initial release, encompasses the two main areas of Lighthouse.

Trade & Consumption Analysis

Integrate syndicated data with specific and detailed trade information to improve decision-making at a deal, customer, competitive, and overall
objective setting level.

The initial analyses include:

  1. Weekly Promotional Group Effectiveness Analysis
  2. Bump Chart with Trade Spending
  3. Progressive Incrementality Analysis
  4. Cost per Incremental Case
  5. Scan per Spend Validation Analysis
Customer Volume & Financial Analysis

This area provides the ability to address customer financial performance in a more granular way.

The initial analysis include:

  1. Customer Profitability
  2. Volume Performance
    (including Open Orders)
  3. Monthly Close / Accrual Report
What Are Smart Dashboards ?

With Adesso’s analysis & reporting platform, you can drill down to find gems of insight from your data. Though this breakthrough BI tool is housed in a separate data warehouse from Flamingo to maximize performance of both, they are fully integrated.

Easily analyze your KPIs in data sets within your product, customer, and sales organization hierarchies via easy-to-read dynamic tables, as well as graphic charts with drill through capability.

Tailor your analyses by filtering, sorting, and pivoting data, hiding and rearranging columns, then saving your tailored layouts for future use by you and your team, and export as needed to Excel.