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Micro-Webinar Series (#4 of 4): Addressing 2023 Opportunities in a Challenging Environment

New Hope Network Micro-Webinar #4 of 4

Addressing 2023 Opportunities in a Challenging Environment

This webinar is last in a 4-part series in our ongoing partnership with New Hope Network. The first three webinars address the challenges of trade management, as well as the measurable benefits of a solution, followed by a discussion to explore what to look for in a trade promotion partner.

Trade spend has been an issue for CPG manufacturers for decades. Often making up 20-40% of gross revenue, it’s important for businesses to understand how to best use trade spend to their benefit. Adesso Solutions has been a leader in the small and medium CPG space for over 20 years, and our experts are ready to demystify trade spend and help businesses save money.

When working with Adesso, you will quickly understand the details surrounding your trade spend, spend less time on administrative tasks, and most importantly, make more effective short- and long-term spending decisions to leverage trade spend as a key marketing tool.

Watch this quick webinar with Fred Schroeder, President and CEO of Adesso Solutions, to learn how brands can set themselves up for success in 2023 by understanding their trade spend.


Nancy Coulter-Parker
Content Marketing Strategist
New Hope Network

Fred Schroeder, Adesso's CEO & President, Trade Expert Speaker:

Fred Schroeder
President & CEO
Adesso Solutions

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