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The Only COMPLETE Trade Promotion Management & Effectiveness Solution

For the Natural-Specialty Market


An affordable, simple, quick, easy- to-use solution that integrates with QuickBooks. You’ll have visibility into your trade spending daily, easier, faster, and with less people! It saves you time, resources and money to invest in your growth.


We Understand Your Needs

Limited People + Limited Time

Managing trade and deductions can require an enormous amount of time and resources, which eats into profits. Plus, you might outsource your sales team. Getting everyone on the same page can be challenging.

No IT Department

Switching from spreadsheets to a new system doesn’t need to be complex, or take a long time. We’ve made it so easy for you to get set up, you don’t even need an IT person, and you can be benefiting within weeks!

Budget Pressures

Surprise deductions can mess up your budget. Are you capturing all areas, such as OI Allowances, Slotting (Free Fills), Discontinued Product, Distributor Food Shows & Promotions, and Administrative Fees?

More Indirect Retailers

You have additional complexities of managing trade with indirect retailers. Do you know what you are spending at every direct & indirect customer? Are you ever billed from a retailer and also the distributor?

Flamingo Is Your COMPLETE Solution

Many companies in this segment share your challenges.

You need a trade promotion management solution that addresses them all, so you can improve your trade effectiveness and leverage your trade dollars for strategic business growth.

Affordable Now
& Quick ROI

Flamingo Natural TPM is specifically configured to handle the trade spending needs of the Natural-Specialty market. Best of all, it’s priced based on your company size, so it is affordable from the get-go. No additional cost per license, and with graduated pricing that suits your company as your business grows.

“Adesso ensures a rapid return on investment. It’s easy to learn and use, it helps to control trade spend early on in a company’s lifecycle, and continues to meet our needs as we continue to grow. Overall, Adesso works for all sized companies, and provides one system of truth for the management of trade.”

Denise Adamich, Controller
Once Upon A Farm



Setup & Training from Industry Experts

Our team of trade experts have manufacturer side best-practice experience. With Adesso, you leverage this experience plus ongoing networking and industry learning as a member of the Adesso TPE Community. You will continue to improve your trade promotion effectiveness easily, quickly and affordably.

Intuitive System Loved by Internal & Broker Users

Flamingo Natural TPM is an easy-to-use system, built upon industry business processes and best practices. You can plan and manage your trade spending and know where it is daily. You will clear deductions easier, faster and with reduced admin time as your sales agency becomes a more integral part of the process.


Choose a Trade Partner
Focused on Your Business Growth!


“Trade spend in this industry is notoriously difficult to control and leverage effectively, so we’re excited to partner with Adesso, a solution provider that understands the natural products space. I’m confident their tools will enable us to drill down to analyze and understand exactly what we are spending, and where we can improve promotion effectiveness to grow the business.”

Katherine Harvey – Cofounder & CEO, Bare Bones

The benefit is complete line of sight. Historically, we used a piece of paper or an Excel file and now it’s all in one place with line-of-sight and visibility that can hold people accountable to what their budgets are, and use a better business management style.

Lou Fata – Vice President of Sales, E.T. Browne Drug
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