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Trade Promotion Management

Driving you Crazy?

Join Our Educational TPE Community

For Natural Products
Emerging Manufacturers

We Understand Your Challenges


Deductions are overwhelming & time consuming for your small team to manage.


Trade spending is probably the 2nd largest item on your P&L – where’s it going?


Distributor charges are complicated & you know some should be disputed – but how?


You plan promotions in Excel, but it doesn’t capture all the charges & has no reporting.


If you’re looking for funding, investors want to see where the $ are going & know the ROI.


Your team’s not from the industry & could benefit from trade experts’ expertise.

So we have launched a brand new initiative…Just for you!

If this sounds good, please read on…

Join Our Educational TPE Community!

For Natural Products Emerging Manufacturers

So, What Is It?

First and foremost, this is an educational community
for emerging natural products manufacturers
to learn best practices & have access to resources
that enable you to be successful & grow your business profitably.

We provide you with a variety of complimentary opportunities to learn about key industry topics that affect trade spending & deductions, through sponsorships with industry organizations such as New Hope Network, and via Adesso’s events & resources.

Our goal is to enable you to address & manage this complex area and everything it encompasses in a gradual and manageable, you may say – ‘standing, walking, flying’ approach.

Resources, virtual webinars & seminars will include topics such as:

  • Structuring your internal processes & systems for success.
  • What to know when working with distributors, & how to read KeHE/UNFI backup documentation.
  • What are deductions, & how to understand ‘Distributor Math’.
  • How to best leverage the relationship with your brokers/sales agencies.
  • What’s included in your ‘trade promotion budget’?
  • Trade promotion planning – knowing what you plan to spend at every customer.
  • What is ‘working trade’ vs. ‘non-working trade’.
  • How to make your trade $ work harder through more effective promotions.
  • Importance of having trade spending under control if you’re looking for funding.
  • And much more!

So, What To Do Next?

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