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Are Trade Spending & Deductions

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We Understand Your Challenges

Trade Spending is
at Least 20-30% of Your P&L (Probably More!)

An expense that may have been a surprise to you starting out, and you’re realizing isn’t easy to manage using spreadsheets.

Distributor Deductions Require an Enormous Amount of Administrative Time

Overwhelming amounts of backup documentation to go through, and nearly impossible to determine what promotions to match them to.

It’s Hard to Plan & Leverage Trade Spending Investment to Grow Your Business

Unsure what you’re spending at every customer (direct & indirect), with no way to compare promotion scenarios, nor analyze which were effective.

Your Short & Long Term Benefits

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Gain Complete Line of Sight & Accountability for Your Trade $

“Everything about our trade is in one place: promotional planning, deduction validation, and the ability to easily run reports to stay on top of our ongoing financial management, as well as to improve the effectiveness of future trade plans.”

Steven Boyle, FP&A Analyst
Blue Marble Brands

Dramatically Reduce Deduction Settlement Admin Time

Then quickly match them to promotions via the Boardwalk Solution
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Affordable Now & Quick ROI on Your Investment

Immediate savings could pay for 6+ years of subscription your first year
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Begin to Plan Promotions Strategically for Business Growth

Evaluating scenarios & promotion plans that make most of your trade investment
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Analyze What’s Working/Not Working

With configurable analysis & reporting using trade data, warehouse withdrawals & consumption data
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Most Importantly, Now You Can Relax

Knowing the stress of all this nonsense goes away!
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“It is important to us that Adesso’s team has deep CPG industry experience, and continues to add trade expertise to their team. They understand the natural space, and enable a smaller company with limited resources to get live in the system quickly to realize initial value of the investment; then work with us on a plan to grow together.”

Thomas Huls – Chief Sales Officer, Chosen Foods


The benefit is complete line of sight. Historically, we used a piece of paper or an Excel file and now it’s all in one place with line-of-sight and visibility that can hold people accountable to what their budgets are, and use a better business management style.

Lou Fata – Vice President of Sales, E.T. Browne Drug
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