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Olivio Products Goes Live with Adesso’s Flamingo TPM System

Smooth Implementation and Outsourced System Administration Deliver as Promised
Rolling Meadows, IL (October 5, 2015) – Adesso Solutions, a leading provider of trade promotion management solutions for small to midsize consumer packaged goods manufacturers (SMB CPG), announced today that Olivio Products has gone live with the Flamingo Trade Promotion Management system, as well as, Adesso’s Outsourced Administration Services.
“Adesso demonstrated that they were able to deliver as promised,” indicated Tim Curtis, Corporate Controller for Olivio Products. “The implementation and training got us up to speed quickly, with the Adesso team being deeply involved throughout the process. Additionally, with limited internal staff we are finding the Outsourced System Administration service very effective at having an expert to help our team minimize administration duties allowing us to focus on selling.” 

“Olivio is a great example of the value of working in a true partnership relationship,” indicated Fred Schroeder, President of Adesso. “The Olivio team was very clear about their needs and internal limitations so the combination of the Flamingo TPM system and our Outsourced System Administration service was the perfect solution to going beyond software to maximize their TPE (Trade Promotion Effectiveness).”
Adesso’s Flamingo TPM system features a user interface, which enhances the user experience and simplifies navigation; an Interactive Analytics Dashboard, which provides proactive notification for corrective actions; an integrated Offline Planner that minimizes errors and eliminates duplicate entries from inputting spreadsheet data; and Top-Down and Bottom-Up Planning, which facilitates and simplifies the annual planning process across the organization. The common SaaS approach on a .Net platform in the cloud makes it easy for all clients to upgrade to new releases, critical in the SMB CPG market to avoid the cost and time that make customized solution updates so expensive and inefficient.
The Outsourced System Administration (OSA) service was created based upon administration issues many small and medium sized CPG manufacturers realize after installation of a TPM system, which requires both a different skill set than the internal staff have and the time to provide regular attention and focus. Additionally, there are often major issues & disruption with turnover/transition, which represent a significant challenge of system setup, upgrades and migrations. Therefore, Adesso created OSA as a unique service vastly improving the expertise, speed, consistency and effectiveness of the Flamingo trade system administration at a significant cost savings vs. a full time employee. The result is improved system administration skills, faster upgrades for current clients, faster setups for new clients, thorough product knowledge, faster support, and it avoids turnover risk.

About Adesso Solutions
Adesso Solutions is a leader in delivering Trade Promotion Effectiveness for small and medium sized Consumer Packaged Goods manufacturers. Adesso leverages their long history and deep expertise in the industry and a unique suite of solutions including an online community for client collaboration, an all-encompassing TPM (Trade Promotion Management) product on a cloud-based SaaS common platform (.Net), and unique consultative services to maximize the trade promotion effectiveness for the whole client community.
About Olivio Products Company
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