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Flamingo TPM Redefines Trade Planning & Deduction Management


Rolling Meadows, IL. September 21, 2021 – We are beyond excited to announce the recent successes enabled by the Flamingo TPM redefined trade planning and deduction management solutions, which are enabling unprecedented time-savings for Adesso’s client community.

Adesso’s new Annual Planner, which is completely integrated into the Flamingo TPM solution, simplifies and streamlines annual and semi-annual planning, eliminating any need for dual entry of plans, enabling scenario planning, and essentially avoiding the need to input individual deals again! This enables both the CPG manufacturer sales team, along with their sales agency partners, to significantly reduce administrative time and instead allow for deeper analysis into the trade plans and results. An entire trade plan that once took a day or two, is now done in just an hour or two!

On the settlement side, Adesso’s new Boardwalk solution addresses the challenge of organizing and consolidating MCB/deduction backup, and simplifies finding the appropriate deal to match to each deduction within Flamingo TPM. Specifically, distributor backup is sent to a secure FTP site, and deductions are automatically populated. Promotion deductions, which are typically > 75% of the deduction, are targeted based on customer, amount and date, which is a process that becomes more accurate over time with machine learning.

This solution enables clients to immediately:

  • Reduce admin time (most recently cited as over 93%) addressing settlements from the initial short-pay to the closing of the deal.
  • Quickly collect the ‘low hanging fruit’ of repays, and eliminate double-dipped promotions, so they can move to deeper trade analysis and more effective promotions – benefiting both the clients’ business and their retail partners.

“Technology – is and always will – be the cornerstone of what we offer,” said Rich Jones, EVP of Technology at Adesso Solutions. “I have been part of trade and deduction management since Adesso’s inception in 2002, and I have never seen anything like our recent developments with the Annual Planner and the Boardwalk solution. It really is exciting, and we’re grateful for our client-partners whose input was an integral part of this innovation!”

For additional information, we invite you to visit us online at, on LinkedIn or contact Karin Souren, Director of Marketing directly at or 847-342-1095 x4031. 

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