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System Effectiveness Services

You Won’t Be Left Alone

Ensuring Optimal System Usage & Trade Performance

System Effectiveness Services

Adesso’s System Effectiveness Services is a one of a kind offering that takes all the worry out of setup, training, system administration, and understanding where improvement areas remain – both in usage and performance.

SE Services integrates 5 distinct areas for successful, simple and thorough usage of the solution:

  1. Rapid Flamingo System Setup
  2. Targeted, Thorough Initial Training
  3. Ongoing Proactive & Reactive Outsourced System Administration (OSA)
  4. Continual & Constant Training Across the System (AdessoU)
  5. Compass – Discovering TPE Opportunities through Effective System Usage & Trade Performance

How it Works ​

These five areas represent a separate, yet coordinated, process to ensure you are successful from the start, through the initial training/change management and then on through your growth.

Rapid Flamingo System Setup

Whether you are using an ERP system or QuickBooks, the setup is simple and fast. Adesso’s focused ‘9 Step Process’ provides a thorough approach to get Flamingo up and running in a matter of weeks. These steps overlap to create a defined path to a successful setup that meets your specific needs and timeline.
Typically, Flamingo setups take between 4 and 12 weeks – depending on your ability to provide the needed system data (step 3 above). As with every other area of our business, our client-partners come first so there is always someone there to guide you each step of the way.

Initial Training

As you ‘go live’, all your users are trained on your specific system. These sessions are typically divided into 3 areas, based on business discipline:
  • Internal & Field Sales – 1 1/2 days
  • Finance – 1/2 day
  • Broker Partners – 2 hours

All training participants also receive the appropriate Easy Guides to support their understanding of the Flamingo system. These simple to follow books provide step-by-step guidance through each business process, along with Reporting & Analysis. They provide answers to the most common questions quickly and simply.

SE Services

Outsourced System Administration

Any system requires an administration component. This typically falls to someone who already has a full-time job in your organization or becomes an additional headcount. There are many regular tasks that need to be maintained. System knowledge often resides with the administrator. Unfortunately, if they leave, that knowledge leaves with them. 

With Outsourced System Administration (OSA), Adesso will manage the administration of Flamingo TPM on your behalf. Your team can concentrate on what they do best rather than on administering a trade system. Our client-partners regularly comment that we perform this function, “better, faster and less expensively” than they could address it.

Ongoing Training - AdessoU

Your Initial Training is just the start of our commitment to your TPM education. Immediately after, you receive Easy Guides so your team can be immediately productive. Flamingo TPM is viewed as extremely easy to use by internal teams, and is regularly mentioned as the ‘simplest system to use’ by broker-partners.
AdessoU Trade Promotion Effectiveness Training Program

Next is our ongoing, live webinar training. Currently, there are 9 sessions available, with 30 to 60-minute sessions on a specific topic each week. It provides targeted, live training with live Q&A. You can register anytime to attend.  If you have a conflict – no worries! You can get a link to a recorded version of the session. 

Each new release brings a new Easy Guide and new training sessions so you and your team are up to speed.  We continually enhance this training and add new topics.

Adesso Compass - Discovering TPE Opportunities

Compass is an Adesso service that offers clients ongoing in-depth analysis of their Flamingo system to assist in their understanding of how to enhance system usage, as well as identify opportunities for strategic improvement of trade performance, all with the objective of leveraging trade for strategic business growth.

Examples include:

System Usage

  • Percent of users in the system each month
  • Frequency of usage
  • Usage of various items of functionality
  • Percent of deals with contracts attached
  • Need for additional training opportunities

Client Trade Performance

  • Deduction aging
  • Forecast accuracy
  • Client benchmarking across all areas
The ability to assist our client-partners to identify and address opportunities helps you fully utilize the Flamingo TPM system and improve trade management and effectiveness.

Why DIY When You Can Outsource?

There are numerous benefits to System Effectiveness Services for our clients.

  • Cost Effective…much less than hiring a person or allocating a resource
  • Immediate ‘change-management’ help
  • Your team will focus on growing your business and making your trade dollars more effective

Your team will also be trained on the easiest to use, yet most advanced, trade management and effectiveness system in the US market.