Sager Creek Vegetable Company to Present Benefits of Adesso’s Key Account Analysis Service at POI

Adesso Client, Jerry Cook Chief Commercial Officer at Sager Creek Vegetable Company to Present Benefits of Adesso Key Account Analysis Service at POI
In a session titled, “Small to Medium Sized Businesses: Going Beyond Software to Maximize Trade Promotion Effectiveness,” Adesso was asked to present results at the POI Conference in Dallas on November 4-6.
Sager Creek Foods was looking to go beyond managing Sager Creek’s trade spending to gain better insight into maximizing their trade promotion effectiveness. Given limited Sager Creek resources to focus on this, their CPG sales and trade spending team tapped Adesso’s Key Account Analysis service to analyze the effectiveness of a key promoted product group at a key retailer to uncover opportunities to improve effectiveness.
The session outlines the process, including Sager Creek issues and needs, and Adesso addressed the process with Key Account Analysis leading to positive results.
For more information or a copy of the presentation, contact Lindsay Felderman 203-979-9717 or

FLAMINGO Clients: It’s Tiki Time!

Join us in Rolling Meadows!

Sept 29-30, 2015 at Adesso HQ’s in Rolling Meadows.

We are looking forward to our upcoming Product Roadmap conference, “It’s Tiki Time!” and welcome clients to join our management team and other Adesso team members for a conference intended to improve our already best-in-class Flamingo product. At this conference, we will discuss which new features should be added to the product in our upcoming releases.
If you have a perspective on how your Flamingo product could take your business to the next level and help you relax, we invite you to sign up to join our conference!

Interested, but not yet an Adesso client?

Great! We are also hosting not-yet-clients on September 30th; giving you an opportunity to meet with current Adesso clients, as well as our Team of Trade Experts.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can assist you when it comes to your trade spending and promotion needs, please click here to sign up today!

We look forward to hosting this exciting conference, and welcome you to contact us for more information.
High-level schedule is below, and full agenda will follow soon.

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CGT: Over 200 CG Execs Talk Marketing Strategies

By Alarice Rajagopal:

Over 200 consumer goods executives met to discuss strategies that begin and end with the consumer during the 2015 Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit. From social media to the marketing/IT alliance to digital and more, these sessions offered best practices and action items for attendees to bring back to their organizations.

Visit CGT online for key highlights from the most talked about sessions at the Summit.