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Would You Like to Cut Deductions Admin Time by 93%?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could automate the traditionally manual and time-consuming step of bringing trade documents and data, such as contracts and deduction backup documents into the TPM system?

We Have Now Made This Quick & Easy!

So, What Is


Addresses the challenge of organizing and consolidating MCB/deduction backup, and simplifies finding the appropriate deal.


Deduction backup documents, from distributors such as UNFI/KeHE, are sent to a secure FTP site, and deductions are populated.


Promotion deductions (typically > 75% of the deduction) are targeted based on customer, amount and date, which becomes more accurate over time.

“Technology is the cornerstone at Adesso, and we continue to enhance our solutions based on feedback from our client community. We developed the Boardwalk Re-Imagined Deduction Settlement solution  based on client and not-yet client suggestions, and is a key offering that will impact efficiency and business process among our client community.” Rich Jones, EVP of Technology Adesso Solutions

How It Works...

We Simplify & Automate Your Settlement Process!

You, or your broker partner, simply upload your emailed or downloaded backup from your distributor into a central location within the Flamingo system.

Boardwalk reads your images and finds the best matches for the backup, based on invoice #, check #, and deduction amount; then recommends which promotions to match each deduction, significantly narrowing the scope so all you need to do is approve or update the recommendation to the appropriate deduction and then finalize the settlement.

Would you like to know more?

Join us for a half hour webinar to review Boardwalk — our newest solution that can help you reduce your MCB/deduction settlement time by 93% or more!

Boardwalk Benefits You,
Your Sales Agency Partners
& Your Retailers

Boardwalk BenefitsReduce admin time (most recently cited as over 93%) addressing settlements from the initial short-pay to the closing of the deal. Boardwalk BenefitsQuickly collect the ‘low hanging fruit’ of repays, and eliminating double-dipped promotions so you can move to deeper trade analysis and more effective promotions – benefiting both your business and your retail partners.

Adesso Solutions Launches ‘Boardwalk’ Re-Imagined Deduction Settlement Solution


Uniquely Addressing the Needs of Natural-Specialty Manufacturers

Rolling Meadows, IL. July 19, 2021 – We are excited to announce the launch of Adesso’s brand new ‘Boardwalk’ solution, our Rapid Deduction Matching System and backup downloading, specifically for distributors such as KeHE and UNFI. Over the past few months, we have invested significant development time to enhance our solutions to specifically add functionality that makes Flamingo the only solution that completely meets the unique needs of natural-specialty manufacturers.

Adesso’s Boardwalk Rapid Deduction Matching solution addresses manufacturers’ deduction documents in two key areas to reduce time spent getting the distributor backup data into the system:

  1. Leverages Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to facilitate adding deduction, trade, and other pertinent documentation to populate key fields.
  2. Leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to narrow the scope of the open and pertinent deductions to address and reduce search time.

With the combination of Flamingo TPM and the Boardwalk Rapid Deduction Matching solutions, manufacturers benefit from a best-in-class deductions process and solution for the Natural-Specialty channel that enables them and their sales agency partners to clear deductions more quickly and accurately than any other solution available.

“You will reduce admin time, often by 50%,” said Fred Schroeder, President & CEO at Adesso Solutions. “Boardwalk enables you to rapidly address settlements – from the initial short-pay to the closing of the deal; enabling you to quickly collect the ‘low hanging fruit’ of repays, so your team can move to deeper trade analysis and more effective promotions – benefiting both your business, and your retail partners.”

To learn more about Boardwalk and Adesso’s complete trade solution for natural-specialty CPG, please contact Karin Souren, Director of Marketing, at Visit Adesso on LinkedIn here.

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Adesso Invites Clients to Go Beyond the Sea of Trade Information


Exploring Trade Opportunities at TPE Client Community Fall Conference in Disney

Rolling Meadows, IL. June 21, 2021 – We are extremely excited to announce our upcoming TPE Client Community conference will take place Tuesday, September 7 through Thursday, September 9 at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort and Convention Center in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. This conference offers business leaders and executives in sales, finance & trade marketing, targeted field sales users & finance administrators, as well as key sales agents / broker partners the opportunity to discuss industry issues and collective challenges within trade.

“As a more recent client, the conferences I have attended proved extremely informative in understanding the system’s capabilities and best practices,” said Tom Huls, Chief Sales Officer at Chosen Foods. “With the new syndicated data and Annual Planner functionality, this is another key time for this event. I do love how much the Adesso Team seeks feedback. It just does not happen at other 3rd party system providers. This is a must-attend event for Chosen Foods!”

The conference will provide invaluable networking opportunities, along with numerous conference sessions that will include presentations, client-led success sharing, and interactive workshops, with major session topics to include:

  • Detailed review and discussions around the Lighthouse Retailer Analysis & Effectiveness solution, which addresses the sea of trade information, and brings in Integrated Trade & Consumption Analysis, Customer Volume & Financial Analysis, and Warehouse Withdrawals.
  • Trade planning discussions, with in-depth review of the new Annual Planner and opportunities to improve strategic trade planning.
  • Workshops around Natural-Specialty trade strategy development, including topics such as annual trade planning, deduction management processes, broker involvement, and warehouse withdrawals.
  • Exploration of how to leverage the Smart Dashboards analysis and reporting BI tool for deeper analysis and strategic business growth.

“I’ve attended quite a few of Adesso’s client conferences,” said Steve Huisenga, Vice President of Sales at American Pop Corn Company. “And everything from the networking to the discussions around new system functionality and business process improvements has made these events both educational and beneficial for Jolly Time. They listen to our needs and opportunities and take action – these conferences are a key part of that. They are extremely beneficial and address it in a fun, positive environment.”

For additional information, we invite you to visit us online at, or contact Karin Souren, Director of Marketing directly at or 847-342-1095 x4031.

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