Adesso Continues to Build Senior Management Expertise


Acosta Executive Joins Adesso Leadership Team

This is fun stuff!


Rolling Meadows, IL. April 14, 2022 – Effective April 11, we have added Valerie Perry to the Adesso team as Vice President of Client Effectiveness. Most folks in the CPG industry know her from Acosta. For those who haven’t met her yet, Valerie brings 27 years of client onboarding, ‘order-to-cash’ processing, and trade promotion management experience along with a deep CPG knowledge base to Adesso. How cool is this! It is safe to say we are more than excited!

Adesso continues to provide clients with the most complete Trade Promotion Effectiveness solution for the small to midsize & natural-specialty market, the most complete training and unique outsourced administrative solution in the market, and fastest time to realized value in the industry. This is based on hundreds of years of experience, and a unique focus on a ‘community approach’ to our business with our clients.

This unique focus on industry expertise & experience enables our clients to drive our solution and what we do.

To learn more about Adesso and the Flamingo TPE, please contact Karin Souren, Director of Marketing, at or call 847.342.1095.

It’s Not Just About the TPM Software

Too many small and medium sized (SMB) CPG’s seem to think that the “TPM software” is the panacea that will be the answer to their problems. Therefore, they send out their RFP and call in the usual solution providers in the TPM space for “demos” of the solution. And so it kicks off the next “rush to the demo” on the part of the providers anxious to display their fancy approach to clearing a deduction and how few clicks it takes to perform a particular function.
But this approach can be very misleading because maximizing trade promotion effectiveness (TPE) requires much more than just the software. It’s also about the approach, the partnership with the provider, and the ability to tap into a community of other SMB CPG’s for perspective and benchmarking. Continue reading

The 5-Point Trade Promotion Management Solution Evaluation Checklist

1. Get to know the management team.

This is a major company decision and the people behind the TPM tool are critical. Check their backgrounds on LinkedIn and their websites. Does the management team have client side / CPG manufacturer experience working with major CPG brands and sizable trade budgets? The best TPM solutions are designed not by the IT development team but by CPG TPM manufacturer side experts who know how the solution should be used. Continue reading