Idahoan Foods Leverages Flamingo TPM to End “Over 90 Day” Deductions & Reduce Overall Outstanding MCB’s

Rolling Meadows, IL (September 13, 2017) – Adesso Solutions announced today impressive results achieved by a leading client-partner, Idahoan Foods of Idaho Falls. As deductions and manufacturer charge-backs (MCB’s) continue to be a major area of concern for all CPG manufacturers, including those in the Natural-Specialty arena, Idahoan Foods leverages the power of Adesso Flamingo TPM to drive some impressive results for their 2017 fiscal year (ending August 2017).

Most significantly, Idahoan ended their 2017 fiscal with $0 in their ‘over 90 day’ column for deduction aging. In addition, their total ‘over 60 day’ column is <6% of the total outstanding deductions. Finally, their total deduction balance at the end of the year is 50% of where it was in 2016… they reduced their total deductions by over 50%!

“I would attribute these incredible results to Idahoan’s diligent planning within Flamingo. Specifically, their promotions are confirmed in advance, and promotional contracts, as well as all other key information, is stored within each promotion,” commented Fred Schroeder, President & CEO at Adesso. “Idahoan consistently makes use of the functionality within Flamingo – a system that continues to improve based on their input and discussions with others in the Adesso Client Community. Furthermore, ongoing training for both internal resources and their broker partners with Adesso ensures optimal usage, as well as more accurate information within the system.”

Keith Peers, Senior Vice President of Operations for Adesso said: “We listen to our clients, as it is ‘their system’ …we are simply the stewards of the system. Our TPE Community facilitates opportunities for our clients to stay involved in their solution, to share best practices, and to take advantage of a host of shared benefits. Having the depth of industry experience, however, allows our team to pinpoint the real functionality opportunities.”

The upcoming fall client conference, the ‘Trade Experts Council II’, taking place on October 17-18, is an example of Adesso’s collaborative client community events that bring together clients and select ‘not yet clients’ with a broad range of trade expertise. These attendees range from Executive Leadership to Senior Sales & Finance, Trade Marketing, Field Sales, Sales Finance, and this year with representation from Broker Partners.

About Idahoan Foods
For nearly 50 years, Idahoan Foods has been the gold standard in prepared potato products. Headquartered in the heart of America’s potato country, Idahoan Foods employs an extensive network of potato experts that oversee the potatoes from field to shelf. The company offers a full spectrum of convenient mashed, hash brown, and casserole products under the Idahoan®, Paradise Valley®, and all-natural Honest Earth™ brand names. For more information, visit

About Adesso Solutions
Adesso Solutions is a leader in delivering Trade Promotion Effectiveness for small and medium sized Consumer Packaged Goods manufacturers. Adesso leverages a long history and deep expertise in the industry and a unique suite of solutions. It includes an all-encompassing Trade Promotion Management (TPM) system on a cloud-based SaaS common platform (.Net), unique System Effectiveness Services and Trade Analysis & Planning Services to maximize the trade promotion effectiveness for client partners, as well as an active TPE community for client collaboration.

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