What If A Flamingo… Could Help You Achieve Trade Promotion Effectiveness?

Curious How Flamingo TPE Enables Your Success?

Flamingo TPE addresses the most common challenges with distributor deductions & trade management. It ensures success by addressing the entire trade process with anything that has to do with your trade spending in one place, and in an easy to use, affordable, and quick to set up platform. 

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What is the Difference Between TPE vs TPM?

Adesso Trade Promotion Effectiveness (TPE) Goes Beyond TPMTrade Spending is a major area to address for CPG manufactures both in the Natural-Specialty and conventional retail segments. Most companies have limited visibility and are spending a lot more than they think. Few companies have a comprehensive approach to address it. There is a much better alternative than using spreadsheets for addressing the complex issues surrounding trade planning and deduction management. So, what is the difference between TPE vs TPM?

Trade Promotion Management (TPM)

TPE vs TPM.. Trade Promotion Management is the industry term for the process of managing the entire life-cycle of trade promotions within a software solution. It includes the Annual Operating Plan, Customer Planning, Customer Execution, Settlement (Reconciliation) and Analysis.

So, Then What is TPE?

Adesso goes well beyond TPM to deliver the steps required to not only manage our clients’ trade spending, but to maximize its effectiveness. Therefore, we have developed a unique approach that includes a combination of business processes, best-in-industry and easy-to-use systems, as well as effectiveness services to help clients take appropriate steps that build upon each other to achieve Trade Promotion Effectiveness (TPE) so they can relax about managing their trade.

Adesso Announces Flamingo TPM System Siesta Key Release


…With Major Technological & Analytics Updates!

Rolling Meadows, IL. August 27, 2020 – Adesso Solutions announced today the latest Flamingo TPM System release – Siesta Key! While the company continues to update their solutions through multiple releases annually, this is the second major technology release in the past couple of years.

Siesta Key has major technological updates using a new platform as the foundation, which enables easy and quick upgrades with a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Additionally, the newly renovated Dashboard is now driven by the company’s Smart Dashboards analytics platform, thus providing KPI metrics specific to that user upon logging into the system. The new dashboard also features a side panel for action items specific to the user, and an overview of items requiring attention from the team; supplying a daily to-do list for all things Trade to ensure deals and deductions that require approvals or other actions are attended to in a timely fashion. As another technological update, the standard reports in the system are now replaced with the advanced functionality and formatting capabilities of Smart Dashboards. This provides easy-to-access and tailorable reports that suit the objectives of the organization, department and specific user. Other updates include business-critical measurements, such as ROI in the Offline Planner and in key reports, providing additional measures of analyzing current and past promotions to determine trade planning with greater impact on trade effectiveness and strategic growth.

“Technology is our cornerstone,” said Richard Jones, Executive Vice President of Technology at Adesso Solutions. “For us, this not only speaks to the security of our application, built on a .net platform in the cloud that is continually monitored to ensure peak performance. We also continue to evolve systems and services, with regular and consistent upgrades both technologically and through new functionality to stay current, and to suit the needs of the client community based on their input.”

For more information about Adesso’s system and services, as well as the ongoing release process, please contact Karin Souren, Director of Marketing, at ksouren@adesso-solutions.com.

About Adesso Solutions
Adesso Solutions is a leader in delivering Trade Promotion Effectiveness for small to medium sized Consumer Packaged Goods and Natural-Specialty Organic manufacturers. Adesso leverages a long history and deep expertise in the industry, and offers the all-encompassing Flamingo TPM system, unique System Effectiveness Services, as well as an active community for client collaboration.  https://www.adessosolutions.com

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Feel Good Foods Selects Adesso to be TPM Partner

Feel Good Foods Joins Adesso for TPM


…Based on Great Value & Ability to Set Up Quickly to Begin 2020 Trade Plans.

Feel Good Foods Selects Adesso for TPMRolling Meadows, IL. June 18, 2019 – Adesso Solutions welcomes Feel Good Foods to the TPE Client Community of North American CPG manufacturers. Feel Good Foods offers chef-inspired snacks made with worry-free, fresh ingredients for crave-worthy flavors that are ready within minutes and built to share.

“We are proud to be the selected solution partner for Feel Good Foods,” said Fred Schroeder, President & CEO at Adesso Solutions. “Our Smart Dashboards reporting, effective deduction management capabilities, unique services and quick setup time were among their top priorities, and it is now our top priority to get them set up quickly so they can begin their trade planning for 2020.”

For additional information, we invite you to visit us online at http://www.AdessoSolutions.com/Contact-Adesso, or contact Karin Souren, Director of Marketing at ksouren@adesso-solutions.com or 847-342-1095 x4031.

Is finding the right Trade Promotion Management solution the beginning or the end of your journey to trade promotion effectiveness?

While light years ahead of Excel spreadsheets, and so a major step in the right direction, securing a trade promotion management solution is really just the beginning. Great you have one. Now you need to make sure everyone is properly trained on it so they maximize its usefulness. Then you need to conduct diagnostics to track proper compliance, meaning that the users are putting in all their volume and deals by retailer by promoted group. Too often the users take a short cut and leave out data they don’t think is necessary. This leaves major data holes making proper tracking and reporting down the road impossible, which could lead to disastrous over or under spending. Continue reading