Is finding the right Trade Promotion Management solution the beginning or the end of your journey to trade promotion effectiveness?

While light years ahead of Excel spreadsheets, and so a major step in the right direction, securing a trade promotion management solution is really just the beginning. Great you have one. Now you need to make sure everyone is properly trained on it so they maximize its usefulness. Then you need to conduct diagnostics to track proper compliance, meaning that the users are putting in all their volume and deals by retailer by promoted group. Too often the users take a short cut and leave out data they don’t think is necessary. This leaves major data holes making proper tracking and reporting down the road impossible, which could lead to disastrous over or under spending. Continue reading

“You’ve made such progress, I’m all in!”

That’s what our owner, Mark Strome of The Strome Group, said when we presented our plan and early results on focusing Adesso on offering not just a better TPM product, but including a range of trade services from a new team of manufacturer side CPG trade experts, and starting a TPE community to help our clients collaborate to improve their trade promotion effectiveness.
And he wasn’t just all talk. He recapitalized the company, became the sole owner, eliminated all debt and has indicated he is in it for the long term. Armed with that level of owner backing and financial support we have made even more progress and generated even more favorable results during the past 6 months.