Article: The Measurable Benefits of Trade Spend

The Measurable Benefits of Trade Spend

In Adesso Solutions’ continuing partnership with New Hope Network, President & CEO, Fred Schroeder, discussed the benefits of evaluating trade through a proven solution in this Q&A style discussion from a recent webinar in a series of 4 on-demand webinars – “The Measurable Benefits of Managing Trade Spend”.

Throughout the article, Fred briefly recaps the first webinar in the series titled “Get Your Trade Spend Under Control”, pertaining to the major challenges emerging companies experience around trade spend, and then moves to share how natural-specialty companies can address these obstacles.

Fred discusses the short and longer term benefits of using a solution such as Adesso’s Flamingo TPE solution, and some specific reasons why now may be the time for your company to act.

Article: How Brands Can Get Their Trade Spend Under Control

How Brands Can Get Their Trade Spend Under Control

Are you curious about how to get your trade spend out of control?  In this article, Adesso Solutions’ President & CEO, Fred Schroeder chats with New Hope Network about how brands can help get their trade spend under control and boost their bottom line.

Fred outlines how the many complex moving pieces involved with trade spend may be causing brands to significantly underestimate how much of their revenue is going towards trade. It can be a difficult process to understand promotions and deductions, but introducing a trade solution to your business can help break down these complicated aspects of trade.

Throughout the article and related webinar, Fred outlines the challenges of managing trade spend and the importance of introducing a trade solution to get trade under control and boost the bottom line.

A Guide to Making Your Brand’s Worst Enemy its Greatest Ally

Every CPG's Secret Weapon: Trade Promotion Strategies

How would you answer these questions? Do I know exactly what I’m spending on trade? What am I getting for my trade dollars? Are my trade promotion strategies helping me grow my business?  

“Manufacturers can tell you exactly how much they’re spending on salaries. They can tell you how much the contract packer is charging them to put their organic meat sauce in jars. They can tell you each lid for those jars costs 18.2 cents per case,” says, Fred Schroeder, President & CEO at Adesso. “But when it comes down to how much they’re spending on trade promotion? They have no idea. But they should.”

We invite you to request this eGuide, developed by New Hope Network to find out how natural products brands are using trade promotion strategies, saving time and money and creating profit-fueling strategy.