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Those TPM Services; we need all of it!

In a recent Adesso User Conference we presented our Trade Promotion Activation Services to our clients and they were not only impressed with the unique range of capabilities for a solutions provider, many expressed high levels of interest in utilizing these services for their company. When we finished and asked what they thought of them, one senior executive said “we need all of it”
Not surprising. The basic premise is that most small and even medium size manufacturers do not have the time, resources or the expertise in house to effectively administer, plan, analyze and adjust their trade spending. They don’t have time to audit each key retailer and key promoted group. They don’t know if the planned, budget and actual data are being input into the product accurately. Frankly, most have their hands full just selling retailers and managing their brokers to achieve volume, spending and financial objectives.
Therefore, Adesso has built a team of seasoned Trade Experts with CPG client side backgrounds who have managed big trade budgets at major CPG manufacturers on big brands. Then we created our unique journey through key services to help maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your trade promotion plans so your team can focus on exceeding their objectives. In summary its the ultimate destination where CPG executives can relax about their trade spending challenges with a range of services.
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