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Insights On Better TPM Practices

From The TPE Community Conference Panel Discussion March 2019

In March 2019, Adesso held a TPE Community Conference with over 30 clients. The 45 minute Panel session yielded great insights into the reasons they needed a system, how the implementation went easier and faster than they had thought, an in-depth discussion the importance of using brokers to enter deals, clear deductions, and put contracts with the deal into the system, and finally how Brokers find Adesso the most user friendly system they use to the point they recommend it to their clients. Listen to snippets of the conference for the 4 topics below to understand how the TPE Community works for everyone’s benefit.
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Why Did They Need A TPM System

“Strategically, we wanted a better understanding of trade to implement the best possible way to go to market.” 3:51

It Was Much Easier To Set Up Than They Thought

“Fast forward 90 days and Adesso has become an everyday part of our sales process. We’re 6 months to a year ahead of where we thought we’d be.” “One of the great tools that Adesso has available are their Webinars.” 1:51
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Entering Deals | Clearing Deductions | Importance Of Entering Contracts

“Our brokers enter deals, clear our deductions, do our repays, the check requests – they do it all.” 3:40

Brokers Know And Love Adesso

“My brokers tell me that Adesso is the most user friendly system they have in their of ce. We have brokers recommend Adesso to other clients that they have.” :54
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Why We Created the TPE Community

We Created The TPE Community to provide our clients the ability to meet to collaborate with other SMB CPG’s and Natural Specialty manufacturers, and to innovate based upon on a common goal – Trade Promotion Effectiveness. The superior Systems and Services we offer today are the result of their input. It’s their community, their solution and their services that help them improve their trade promotion effectiveness. Our annual Disney Conference, semi-annual meetings at our Rolling Meadows, IL (15 mins from O’Hare) HQ and Training Center, and the Sales Leadership Council allow our clients to meet, to collaborate and collectively help guide product and service development.

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Trade Analysis For SMB CPG’S

Wanna talk about Analysis? Trade Analysis for SMB CPG’s is intended to promote collaboration and a community between smaller CPG companies who feel all alone when trying to compete against Tier 1 companies who have category ownership.Click to Join Now!This is a select group who have different challenges including less resources in terms of time and money to conduct detailed analysis.

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Small & Startup CPG’S

Join a community of peers in the Natural Specialty industry with similar interests & business issues! This LinkedIn group was developed to promote discussions & solutions for all individuals looking to learn more about how to navigate the unique, complex issue of managing MCBs and trade spending with distributors. There is a different language, set of measurements and requirements to be successful in this seemingly “simple” channel, and often leaders & entrepreneurs find themselves struggling with these challenges.