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We Totally Understand Trade Spending!

Flamingo TPM is built for your business

Based on Trade Business Best Practices

As former CPG executives (at major CPG & small NSO manufacturers) we have developed the most comprehensive and effective collection of trade systems and services in the industry.

Help Is Always There For You

We don’t install software and walk away. We start training you on basic Trade Business Processes to use the system to generate immediate impact & control, then expand your training & capabilities for progressive impact to move from Trade Promotion Management [TPM] to Trade Promotion Expenses [TPE]:
Manage & Control Spending
Planning & Forecasting
Reporting & Analysis

TPM Planning, Reporting & Analysis Systems With Immediate Benefits

Visibility Into Your Spending

The ability to enter deals and clear deductions, so you know where your money is and what you are getting for it.

Accountability and Control

Everything in one place with approval levels by user, contracts & commitments associated with each deal, and alerts for items that require attention.

Offline Scenario Planning
Work offline to create alternate plan scenarios based upon past performance or objectives then upload the final plan into the system, which saves time and avoids errors.
Real-time Reporting & Analysis
Best practice reports you can customize to your approach to business, with drill down capability to help you gain insights to refine future plans.

Who We Help Relax

Features for Your Specific Business Needs

CPG Retail

Cloud based, SaaS and easy to use. Dozens of clients use it to enter and track spending, clear deductions in total, by retailer, by region, by sales rep. It’s easy, it’s efficient and it’s cost effective. You’ll love how easy it is to use.

Flamingo Natural

Helps small and startup companies with simple QuickBooks integration. An affordable, simple, quick, easy-to-use solution that integrates with QuickBooks. It was specifically designed for the needs of the Natural/Specialty market. You don’t need a lot of complexity; you need the basics to run your business and control trade spending from distributors.

Flamingo Retail + Foodservice

We created a Foodservice TPM system integrated into Flamingo TPM Retail. You’ll save time & money by reviewing both business areas without switching solutions, only needing one set of ERP interfaces, and one trained administrator.

TPE Analytics

Custom trade reporting capabilities and graphs with every report. Imagine evaluating your trade spending decisions and performance to include consumption data. The Adesso Smart Dashboards analysis and reporting platform is totally unique!