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Micro-Webinar Series (#3 of 4): What to Look for in a Trade Promotion Partner

New Hope Network Micro-Webinar #3 of 4

What to Look for in a Trade Promotion Partner

This webinar is third in a 4-part series in our ongoing partnership with New Hope Network. While the first two webinars address the challenges of trade management, as well as the measurable benefits of a solution, Adesso’s President & CEO, Fred Schroeder and Nancy Coulter-Parker of New Hope Network continue the discussion to explore what to look for in a trade promotion partner.

With decades of industry experience, Fred provides his expertise on qualities to look for in a solution provider, and how Adesso Solutions matches up to these traits. Through their discussion on 4 key areas to consider, Fred shares his conclusions on how partnering with the right trade promotion partner enables you to leverage trade to maximize growth for your business.


Nancy Coulter-Parker
Content Marketing Strategist
New Hope Network

Fred Schroeder, Adesso's CEO & President, Trade Expert Speaker:

Fred Schroeder
President & CEO
Adesso Solutions

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