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Why Switch from Excel to TPM Now?


To Switch from Spreadsheets to a TPM Solution…Now vs. Later

Do you experience any of these Trade Promotion Management challenges?

“You are never too small to add a TPM Solution!
Adesso is focused on North America through trade effectiveness and best practice sharing in addition to software.
They have deep industry expertise and offer a complete TPM solution that is a good value for the money. Is it intuitive and easy to use.”

Dale Hagemeyer
Partner & Analyst

1…Trade spending represents 15-25% of your budget!
2…You invoice retailers, and only receive payment of about 40%, and have little to no idea what the difference is.
3…Your spreadsheets are not accurately managing the complexity of managing trade promotions.
4…Reconciliation of MCBs/deductions is overwhelming & time consuming.
5…You have limited reporting, and lack a graphical calendar view of your promotions.
6…Your internal team & broker partners are not working with the same info & you could leverage the broker partnership better.
7…A TPM System seems too costly, so you feel it’s too early for you.
8…You feel a TPM System may be complex, and you do not have internal staff to handle a system.
9…You are relatively new to the CPG industry & could use experience & resources.
10…You’ve heard it takes months to set up a system, and the return on your investment would not be soon enough.

May we show you an example of how we have helped our client-partners address these challenges?

Request A Case Study!

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