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Your TPM Solution. Here Today. Gone Tomorrow?

With the consolidation of several Trade Promotion Management solution providers there is valid concern among clients about whether their version of the TPM solution will be around and supported in the near future.
The fact is it’s not just hard, it’s next to impossible to merge two different solutions. It’s also inefficient. The provider has to make a choice for which one they are going to support going forward. Several of the major TPM “influencers” in the industry have indicated that this problem is real and getting worse.
Therefore, this is a perfect time to explore other options.
In 2012, we migrated to a SaaS common platform (.Net) in the cloud to enhance usability, functionality, visibility and updates. It avoids the costs and time for updates that make customized solutions inefficient and ineffective for everyone.
The reaction from the growing number of clients that have migrated to the new version has been very favorable. They are finding it easy to use, quick to implement and with significantly more robust and useful features.

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